Mathematics Department

Scope and Importance of the subject:

Mathematics being the queen of all sciences plays a significant role specially in physical sciences and computer sciences. Now a days Mathematics plays a vital role almost everywhere. Department assists the students to become ready to face the problems of other areas of study by preparing them in the fundamental subject like calculus, Geometry, Differential Equations, Numerical analysis, Theory of Equations, Theory of Matrices, Number Theory and Application’s of Mathematics in diverse field etc.

Introduction of the Department :

Our Department, Department of Mathematics was established in June 1999. Mr. Jamkar V.M. works as head of the Department. Mr. Solanke D. M. worked in this Department from Jan.2006 to July 2008 on contract basis. Dr. Ghonge B. E. joined the department in 2015.

The total workload of 40 periods a week has been distributed amongst the members of the department, According to the teaching plan the syllabus is being taught to the B. Sc. I, B. Sc. II. and B.Sc. III classes. Mr. Rathod Annasaheb works in junior college as teacher of Mathematics. The total workload is of 48 lectures a week. The assignments (home-work or tutorial) are given to the students. The syllabus is divided in to different units according to the convenience and at the end of each of unit, a unit test is conducted. The test papers are assessed and necessary instructions for improvements are given.

Best Practices:

We arrange seminars and Quiz Competitions for the students and encourage students for participation. This gives them stage courage and a opportunity for thorough preparation. Nearly 40% students participate in the seminar.

One periodical “The Bulletin of the Marathwada Mathematical Society” was subscribed by the department of Mathematics for the use of the students in the departmental library.

The students are advised to read this periodical and encouraged to participate in the seminar competitions and Ramanujan Quiz Competitions conducted specially by the Marathwada Mathematical Society.

Department arrange the remedial coaching for slow/ advance learners.

Department conduct extra coaching for 11th& 12th Science, for their advancement in future.

Department contribute the extra coaching for Competitive Examination Cell.

Achievement of Department in brief:

Our department has the many ranker holders in

  • MHCET/Board Examination’s
  • University Examinations
  • Competitive Examinations
  • Civil Services
    The pass out students admitted to university departments and working as teachers in various schools, Jr. Colleges, Sr. Colleges and private Coaching Classes.

Future Plan:

  • To organize Conference / Seminar in academic year 2018-19.
  • To increase use of smart board for teaching mathematics. This may definitely help the students to better understand Mathematical ideas.
  • To arrange a lecture series (twice in year from coming academic year i.e. 2018-19) inviting eminent Mathematicians to deliver talks in recently developments in Mathematics for the students and the faculty including mathematics teachers in the district.
  • To introduce M. Sc Mathematics P.G. course.
  • We are planning to design fully equipped MATLAB computer lab and other mathematical software’s.
  • Increase awareness in students to participate in various examinations.
  • Planning to undertake research project.
  • We are planning to subscribe two periodicals of Mathematics in the central library of college for the use of the students. These are a) Mathematics Today b) Mathematics Education


S. No. Name of the Teacher Qualification Designation Biodata
1 Mr. Jamkar V.M. M.Sc., M.PHIL. Asst. Prof.
1999 till this date
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2 Dr. Ghonge B.E. M.Sc., Ph. D. Asst. Prof
2015 - till this date
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3 Mr. Rathod A.J. M.Sc., B.Ed., M.PHIL. Teacher
2006 - till this date