Sociology Department


The Department of Sociology established in 1997. Mr.Sunil Samag has been working as head of the department from its inception. The department is one of the active departments of this college. The project work is given to the third year students .The department organizes various academic programmes for the students. Every year the student forum is formed to conduct circular and co -activities. Group Discussion, paper presentations and student seminars, wall paper presentation, group discussions, etc are the prominent features of the department.

Scope and importance of the subject

Sociology as an independent discipline is recognized from 1839; August Compte coined the term sociology first time ever. It deals with social problems, social relationships and social interactions.


  • To develop student’s understanding of social problems
  • To acquaint students with sociological interpretation of social interaction
  • To prepare students for understanding society beyond classroom


  • To make student responsible and effective member of society
  • To encourage students to think sociologically about the significance of social structures and processes


  • To promote scientific understanding of social life
  • To develop understanding among students of basic and applied sociology
  • To generate employability.


S. No. Name of the Teacher Qualification Designation Biodata
1 Mr. S. V. SAMAG M. A. Asst. Professor and HOD. View Biodata
2 Mr. D. G. KURLIKAR M. A.(Eco., Soc.), M. Com. B.Ed. Teacher